Our History

Workout Quest began in September of 2009 by Tony and Brianna Wood. The goal was to provide an alternative to the standard gym. At most gyms, unless you’re working with a trainer, you get very little direction, and can e1.2asily become bored, burned out and have very little results to show for all your hard work.

Our goal at Workout Quest was to give everyone a blend of a high energy group workout and the personal attention of one-on-one training. Our program includes fitness assessments and measurements, help setting realistic goals, motivation, nutritional guidance and keeping you accountable, which are the very things you need to be successful. On top of that we wanted to create a community of like-minded people who support one another. Our aim was to provide all this at a fraction of the cost of one-one-one personal training.

3We grew by word of mouth and in October of 2010 we added an evening session at 6pm. Things were going great as long as the weather cooperated. We knew we needed to move indoors if we were to provide the experience we set out to. In December 2010 we moved our morning workouts to Go For It Gymnastics. This allowed us to train regardless of the weather and was a big plus. People stuck around longer and got better results.

In 2011 we grew our membership and added more equipment and provided a better service. Many of the members who started in 2011 are still with us today; years later. In 2012 we added Last Saturday Charity workouts, where we raise money for local charities. We started doing contests and challenges, challenge of the month workouts, fun runs, hikes and BBQ ‘s to build our own community of active people.

WQ at the Color Run 2013

TFW Vegas NW now in effect!

In the Summer of 2013 we moved into our own location on Rancho and Craig which allowed us to provide the right environment for our members.

In 2015 we started incorporating Training for Warriors (TFW) workouts into our sessions.  Fast forward to Fall 2016 when we decided to go all in with TFW.  We are now a TFW affiliate, TFW Vegas NW.  We found out that so many of our core values were the same and the message and philosophy felt right to us. Affiliate dojos, as the gyms are called in TFW, are individually owned and operated.

TFW Vegas NW is a fun, effective and affordable family-owned and operated fitness gym that challenges your body with: Strength, Cardio, and Core training.

Your workouts change from daily so you never get bored. You will get into the BEST shape of your life in a fun, non-intimidating environment with supportive people with similar goals.

You’ll also get top nutrition coaching, and a highly qualified fitness coach to hold you accountable. Before you know it, you’ll be leaner, stronger, and more athletic.

“In 12 months I lost 64 pounds at Workout Quest.” – Lashay H.


“My Pre-Pregnancy Clothes Fit Again!” – Aisha F.

Tony Wood
Tony WoodFitness Director, Co-Owner
Tony Wood is the Fitness Director and Co-Owner of Workout Quest – TFW Vegas NW, a Las Vegas based family owned and operated fitness facility specializing in fat loss and optimum performance. Tony holds a BA in Physical Education and Health and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) by the NSCA and a Certified Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and Certified Precision Nutrition Coach.

Since 2000 Tony has helped a variety of clients reach their health and fitness goals through personal training, group training and lecture-based classes. Tony has also worked with many experienced clients and groups who were looking to spice up their existing regimen, breakthrough plateaus or achieve specific goals.

Having competed in collegiate sports, Tony knows that mental preparation, goal setting, guidance, and motivation are keys to success in any physical fitness program.

Tony keeps informed of the latest health and fitness research. As a certified strength and conditioning specialist and personal trainer, he maintains his certifications by taking continuing education credits and attending fitness seminars and conventions.