Hoping vs. Expecting

Are you someone who expects good things to happen or are you someone who hopes good things will happen?

It has been said that in life we tend to get what we expect, not what we want.


Imagine you are coaching a basketball team, and your team is down by 2 points with 3 seconds on the clock. You need to make a 3 point shot to win. Do you put the ball in the hands of a player who hopes they can make the shot or the player that expects to make it?

If you’re smart you give to the person with the confidence to believe they can make it, not someone who hopes they get lucky this time.

If you simply ‘hope’ to lose a couple sizes and tighten up your midsection for the Summer, you’re at a serious disadvantage. Your conscious mind is in, but your subconscious mind isn’t yet convinced you have what it takes, and it’s going to be fighting you all the way trying to sabotage your success.

It’s not your fault, your subconscious mind has old beliefs like: I don’t like exercise. Exercise is hard. I failed in the past. I don’t want to give up my wine. I don’t like broccoli. These beliefs are built from past experiences. I’m sure you are aware past failure doesn’t equate to future failure, but your subconscious doesn’t know that and may need a software update before you can achieve a different result.

When your subconscious has those negative thoughts and beliefs, but what comes out of your mouth is, “this time I will do what it takes”, you find it hard to stick with a training program or eat the foods you know you should eat because of the conflict in your head.. It’s an uphill battle.

Often, we have several failures and setbacks then we start to believe we cannot reach a the goal, and our faith is so low, we just hope things go well and we luck up and have some success.

It’s time to change your thoughts and change your life.


Expect to Win
When you ‘expect’ to drop a couple sizes, then you actually believe you can. You believe you will and your subconscious is now on board and you’re all in. When you’re all in it will be much easier to do what’s required because those negative thoughts are gone and replaced with all new positive thoughts.

It really takes confidence in yourself to expect to achieve your goal. You must to let go of all past failures and don’t allow them hold you back if you want to be successful.

Some of the most successful people are only successful because they have failed over and over, never gave up and kept going until they finally succeeded.

You’re no different. You just need a winning strategy to reprogram your subconscious thoughts, so you can start taking the right actions with ease instead of trying to discipline yourself to do it.

Here’s what you can do:
Write your goals. Be very specific. If weight loss, how much do you want to lose and by when?
Read your goals as soon as you wake up and right before you go to bed each night.
Close your eyes and visualize yourself already succeeding. How you look, how you feel. Create a vivid picture in your mind

top of mountain success
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