“Consistency is Key” – Beverlyn’s Transformation Story

Meet Beverlyn, a student at Training For Warriors Vegas NW. She was no, stranger to the gym, but needed direction, support and guidance to get back on track. 

She came to us with hopes of getting stronger, strengthening her core, so her back wouldn’t hurt and to relieve some stress.

Since then she has lost 15 pounds and made a remarkable change achieving those goals and more! Not only that, but she is a great motivator to the other students and is always helping others push past their own comfort zones to help them reach the next level. That is what TFW is all about. Teamwork.

What brought her here in the first place was the need to do some form of exercise and a place that would accommodate a time that she could commit to regularly, and most important someone to coach her through it.

“The monthly (goal setting) really helped me to make changes in my diet.”

“I’m so much stronger physically and mentally, I have way more energy now and I’m in a better mood. I can now do a chin up. I remember when I first started all I could do is hang now I can pull myself up!”

Here are Beverlyn’s top 3 tips that helped her TRANSFORM:

1. Be consistent in your exercise routine. Come to class everyday and the encouragement from the coach and fellow warriors will keep you going strong.

2. Change your eating habits. Making healthy changes to your diet goes hand in hand and most important don’t make excuses, just do it and you will see results.

3. Get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep at night (for recovery).

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